How many people can play in a table football zone?
A total of 4 foosball zones are availible in total. A maximum of 8 people can occupy a table football zone at one time.

What is there in a table football zone?
In each zone you get a GARLANDO World Champion official competition table football with one raised table and four chairs and view on a screen showing videos of the best players competing in a World Cup tournament.

How old do you have to be to visit the Foosball Club?
Under 18’s are not permitted in the venue after 6pm. For safety reasons we do not accept children under the age of 12 even with parental supervision. This is due to their height and the risk of being injured by moving player rods.

Is there a bar?
Of course! The Foosball Club is located upstairs in the Victoria Tavern pub and boasts an amazing selection of craft beer, wines and delicious pizzas and snacks.

Do you offer table service for food and drink?
Yes, every table football zone has a number so you can order using https://orderpay.com/ app on your phone or simply ask a member of staff.

I love Foosball so much and I want to find out more about the “old game, new sport”?
Please visit our academy page to find out more about table football.

How many goals to I need to score to win a game?
The official tournament format for a match is first to five goals best out of five games. However we recommend having matches of first to 5 goals best out of 3 games so the other players don’t wait too long. If you want a quick match (fast and furious) the best format is one game first to 7 goals.

How many tokens do I get per booking slot?
You get 20 tokens per two hour booking slot which can be used on the foosball and retro arcade machines.

How many balls are in each Foosball for one token?
There are 9 official competition balls in each table.

What are the official table football rules apart from no spinning?
We recommend you try to follow your best the simplified rules found on our Academy page.

How do I book a table football zone?
You can make 2 and 4 hour slot bookings online with our booking form: BOOK NOW

Can I book more than one table football zone?
Yes, there is a maximum of 4 zones. For more than 32 players please visit the hire page.

Can I book a table football zone for more than two hours?
Yes, you can book the same table football zone for up to 4 hours if you wish.

How much time do I need to be at the venue before my booking slot?
We recommend bookings arriving at least 30 min in advance from the start time to make yourselves known and collect your tokens at the bar.

What happens if we run out of tokens during our booking slot?
You are able to buy 6 tokens for £6 at the bar.

Can I buy wraps at the bar?
We recommend you buy wraps as a pre-order with your online booking. However if you realise on the day you really want to use a wrap you can buy at the bar.

How much do foosball wraps cost?
One wrap is £2 or two wraps for £3

How do I setup a foosball wrap on a handle?
Please watch this tutorial: Here

What happens if I have tokens left after my booking slot?
We recommend you spend your last tokens on our multi game retro arcade machines filled with 80’s and 90’s classic titles located on the same floor.

When do I get my pre-ordered food and beverage?
This is totally up to you. If you know in advance when you wish to eat or drink please let the member of staff know when you collect your tokens.

Can I just turn up and play?
If you do not have a booking there is no guarantee a table football zone will be available. If a foosball is available and a booking arrives you will be asked to stop playing and leave the table football zone.

How are you dealing with COVID-19?
Here are the following measures we have to ensure the foosball club is covid secure:

- Tokens are in pre-sealed bags which have been prepared more than 72 hours in advance.
- Table football zones are at least 2 meters apart from one another.
-Table football zones are sanitised after each booking.
- Table football wraps/ grips are available to buy to use on handles.
- Table football zones are attributed a table number in order to have table service for food and drink using https://orderpay.com/ app.

How much time do I need to be at the venue before my booking slot?
We recommend bookings arriving at least 30 min in advance from the start time to make yourselves known and collect your tokens at the bar.